HETI offers a comprehensive range of environmental health & safety and risk management services – tailored to client needs.

Environmental Services
HETI specializes in the investigation and remediation of contaminated properties and in the assessment and management of environmental risk and liability. The tools of our trade include environmental site assessments, emergency response services, remediation technologies, risk characterizations, and regulatory support/compliance services.

Environmental Health & Safety Services
HETI helps companies deal with the full spectrum of EHS issues – both regulatory and operational. Our professional staff has extensive experience in EHS compliance/audits, program development, regulatory interface, and a wide array of specialized safety services – provided on an outsourcing or contract services basis.

Industrial Hygiene/Occupational Health Services
HETI assists clients identify, evaluate and mitigate occupational and environmental health hazards. Our team of industrial hygiene and occupational health & safety experts provides a wide range of services – including human health risk assessment, indoor air quality evaluation, exposure assessment and controls, and regulatory compliance and auditing.

Loss Control & Risk Management Services
HETI provides technical and consulting services to enable clients to meet their ever-changing risk management needs and strategies. Our technical staff of environmental, safety and insurance specialists provides services ranging from insurance-related risk control and environmental liability risk assessment…to claim/litigation support and training.

International Services
HETI maintains a network of employees and associate consultants to address client needs – both domestically and internationally. We provide a wide range of environmental health & safety and risk management consulting services in more than 50 countries around the globe.